Friday, May 20, 2011

Forever Family Friday

While I was trying to decide who to write about today, I was looking at little Nate's picture and thinking how great it would be if he had an updated photo. His baby picture had been listed for awhile and I was anxious to see the cute little two year old that he is now. An hour later, I read a post on a yahoo group that I belong to that Nate has a new photo up! Yay God! Nate is every bit as cute as I thought he would be.

Don't you want to scoop him up? His hair looks so baby soft and I just want to squish those cheeks. Nate just turned 2 last month and he could be home before his 3rd birthday, if a family commits to him, now. Imagine all the JOY and laughter this little one is bound to bring to his forever family. He just looks like he's waiting to get into something and I'm sure he'd make a great little brother for Landon.

That's right, two busy little boys for today's FFF post. Landon and Nate are in the same country and could be adopted together. I think they look like brothers, already. Landon will be 5 in July and I'm guessing he'll keep his Momma busy, too. Think of the fun to be had with two boys on a summer afternoon, bubbles, sprinklers, bugs and kisses. Both of these littles has been waiting too long. They need to come home. They need a Daddy to teach them all about sports and cars and fun. A Momma to pick them up when they fall down and rock them when they're sick.

If you want to learn more about either boy, check them out at Reece's Rainbow: Landon and Nate. If you're not their forever family, please share this post and let's find their family (families) together. Consider making a donation to their accounts and helping bring them home. Definitely, take the time to pray for these sweet little boys. They need people covering them in prayer, prayers for safety, protection, love. We are called to be a father to the fatherless. Landon and Nate are the fatherless, so let's be their family.

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,


  1. So I thought Nate was new! Didn't recognize him from before...and just sent and inquiry. Waiting to see where he is and if it might be close to our little one....

  2. Yay, Jessica! He'd make Danny a great little brother. I didn't know you were thinking of bringing home two. Super excited to see what God has planned for you!