Friday, May 6, 2011

Forever Family Friday!

Okay, I'm a slacker and missed a couple of weeks of FFF, but I'm back! I'm having a hard time choosing, again. The first part of this FFF post is going to be to encourage you to go to this page and learn more about Reece's Rainbow's 5/5/5 warrior project. Every child listed on the first link will turn 5 years old this year. Instead of starting school, they are in very real danger of being transferred to a mental institution. Not a reason to celebrate :( Once, you see all the little faces listed in the 5/5/5 program you will understand my difficulty in choosing, just one. (This is why Marty and I are bringing home two).

I did choose one, though. This little one looks like a baby doll. Her name is Lina :)

I love her big, brown eyes! She's clearly uncertain about the camera and not sure how she's supposed to react.

You can read Lina's complete profile at Reece's Rainbow. She's a sweet 4 year old with dwarfism and congenital cleft of the hard and soft palate that needs surgical correction. That's all. She mostly needs a Momma and Daddy. She's about 25 inches tall and just beautiful. She plays and interacts with others and needs surgery to help her be able to speak better.

Her medical report says, "The only way for the child to receive her full value is in a stable family environment where the love for the child will dominate." Well, truer words have never been spoken. Every child deserves a stable family environment where love for them reigns! Can you imagine sweet little Lina's face lit with laughter and JOY? She will be so much fun for the family that brings her home. Are you that family? Do you need a little princess like Lina? Can you help her grow and become everything God intended for her to be? She will thrive in a loving home.

Pray for Lina. Pray that her family is coming. Pray about whether you're her family and of course consider making a donation for Lina at her profile on Reece's Rainbow. She needs us to help her find her Forever Family.

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,

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