Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blown Away

I don't know where to begin. We're starting this journey with some amazing people in our corner. People who love us and pray for us. Friends and family, who before they've even seen our son, are giving sacrificially to bring him home. I want to acknowledge these people. They make my heart sing with JOY! They are the affirmation of our faith. Every dollar we've been given has been prayed over. We're praying blessings and more blessings back onto the giver. That God would do the miraculous and unexpected for you and your families. We have been blessed and humbled by your love and by your extravagant generosity. It's a long road ahead, but how can we lose with such amazing people supporting us.

I have to say, too, that God is so good to us. It's through each of you, that we see him working. We feel him in every hug, prayer, and word of encouragement that you extend. We could not walk this path alone. We could not make it to our son without you. So, there will be many posts like this, where I weep as I type and ask God to bless you. We can't wait for you to share in the JOY that our son is going to bring. We can't wait to share his life with each of you. We'll continue to ask God to remind you, every time you see our boy, that you were part of our miracle and his, too.

You blow me away!

Hidden in Christ,

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