Friday, March 11, 2011

Forever Family Friday

**********Pauline has a FAMILY!***********

On Forever Family Fridays, I'm going to advocate for a child who needs a forever family. For my first Forever Family Friday post I want to introduce you to beautiful, little Pauline.
Pauline is 4 and 1/2 years old living in an orphanage in EE. She is HIV positive and needs a forever family quickly. She is in an orphanage, now, where she receives the life saving Anti-Retroviral meds that she needs to stay healthy. She is facing transfer to a place where these meds will no longer be available to her. On ARV's the life expectancy of a child living with a positive HIV status is 60 years or longer. She is healthy, happy and learning, now. If she is transferred and her meds are stopped, her life expectancy drops. She may only live 5 years or so, before dying a horrible AIDS related death. This is 100 % preventable. She needs a forever family. Here in the USA, she would have access to all sorts of life saving medicine. If you would like to learn more about raising a child with HIV follow this link: Please pray for Pauline and help spread the word that she needs a family. If you want to make it easier for a family to bring her home follow this link: and make a tax deductible donation that will help remove the financial barriers standing in the way of Pauline finding a home. If you're interested in other resources or information regarding adopting an HIV positive child, send me a message and I'll share some additional information with you.

Matthew 18:5 says, "And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me." We must remember that God has called us to be Jesus to the least of these. He is not willing that any should be lost, but that all would find him. Now is our chance to show the world our Jesus. It will matter to Pauline how you respond. Will you share her story? Will you help find her forever family? Will you pray and ask God to show you if you're the hope she's waiting on? Thanks for letting me share my heart and thanks for anything you do to help Pauline. I'll be sure to update you when Pauline's forever family finds her.

Hidden in Christ,

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  1. I am thankful that HIV+ children are easier to raise now. I remember Gracie, a foster child of a family I know. She died while in their care due to AIDS. That was in the mid-1990s when there was no good medication to give patients.