Saturday, March 19, 2011

Missing in Action

I've been missing on here this week. I've had the flu and a sinus infection and just been miserable. While I was missing in action, things were still happening. Our commitment paperwork came back in the mail, yesterday. It has been apostilled at the Secretary of the State's office and will be sent to California on Monday. We're still waiting on the money to send with that, but we know God's going to provide. It won't be long and you'll see our boys picture on here.

I spent a lot of time alone in my room this week. It's where my germophobe hubby has kept me quarantined. So, while I had time to think and pray, I began to ask God how did things get so bad in Eastern Europe. Not why did he let them get so bad, because I think we need to be careful not to lay blame at God's feet that doesn't belong there. Rather, how? How did it become okay in a modern society to deem human beings unworthy of not just love, but of basic human rights? The answer I heard was heart stopping and caused weeping of repentance from a heart full of grief. The answer is simple, "The Church went missing in action." Dear God, forgive us! We are responsible. We, too, have counted them unworthy by our inaction.

It's time to rise up as the body of Christ and say, "NO MORE!" No longer will we sit by and watch while they starve to death. No longer will we be complacent while they are tied to beds and left to sit in their filth for hours. Never again, should a Mom travel the world after pouring her heart and soul into an adoption, only to stand before a judge in EE and be told, "You may not have this child. There is no life for him, better than an institution." He's her son! She loves him and longs to bring him home and show him how worthy of love he is, but they can't see the beauty behind the extra chromosome. Never again, should another Mom make it out of EE only to fly directly to the nearest children's hospital with her 3 year old daughter. A daughter, who only weighs 11 pounds, because she has been so severely mistreated and neglected. This little girl, Carrington, is in the fight for her life, today, because the church went missing in action.

What can we do? We can PRAY! Pray and fast like never before. Satan has a stronghold in Eastern Europe. He's destroying beautiful children because we're not raising the standard against him. He has no power or authority when we take our place. He must back up and take his hands off whatever we lay hold to in the name of JESUS! Join me in claiming all of EE for the glory of God, but especially the orphans. Pray like they belong to you, because, in fact, they do. God has commissioned us to care for the orphan. There is nothing greater we can do for them, than to pray. Pray for the families listed above. Pray for Kirill's family as they regroup and figure out what the next step is to bring him home. Pray for Carrington's family as they help her fight for her life. Pray and ask God what he wants you and your family to do for the orphans. Let's meet each other at the throne of grace and lay claim to some victories for the kingdom of God.

I'm going to close with one of my favorite quotes by Edmund Burke, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Let's not let evil win this round.

Hidden in Christ,

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