Thursday, March 3, 2011

The First Post...The Reason Why We're Here...

The infamous first carries weight, defines where we're headed, and  inspires people to return.

So, why are we here? I've often had people say, "You should start a blog." I've just never had anything I was passionate enough to keep writing about and that might keep others interested in coming back. Until now. Now, I have a passion for the orphans in Eastern Europe. A passion that wakes me in the night to pray. A passion that keeps their little faces ever before me. A passion that will no longer allow for inaction. I'm hoping to share that passion with you here. It's my desire not only to raise funds for our adoption, but to advocate for all the littles that we cannot bring home. Maybe here you will read their stories, maybe here you will find the son or daughter you didn't know you had.

Somewhere in EE (Eastern Europe, this is how we'll refer to it) there is a son waiting for the Rhodes' Family to get our act together and come rescue him. You may think "rescue" is a strong word, but the reality is we are on a rescue mission. You see in EE our son was born and deemed unworthy of love, unworthy of family, unworthy of a home. Why? Because God made him "extra" special. He was born with an extra chromosome which results in Down Syndrome, sentencing him to a life as an orphan. Worse still, if we do not get to him quickly, he will be transferred to a mental institution where he will rot away, until death finds him.

We will not allow that to happen. Why? We serve a God who is in the business of "setting the lonely in families." He's a redeeming God. A God, who in all of his wisdom set in motion the very plan of adoption. He promises not to leave us as orphans. He gives us a new name. He makes us joint heirs to the kingdom with Jesus Christ, himself. So, when we look at our son, we will forever be reminded of redemption's plan. Of how each of us went from being nameless orphans, unworthy of love to sons and daughters of the King! We will rejoice as God leads us on this journey and invite you to join in the process.

Please pray for us whenever God brings us to mind and check back often to see what type of fundraising we have going on. It won't be too long and you'll be able to see our new son here. Just getting the commitment paperwork done, so we can go "public."

Hidden in Christ,

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