Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Gifts.

We've been a little busy with jumping into K's adoption, but I have a little something I want to share with you. When we started our adoption journey to bring Samuel and Joseph home, we anticipated Samuel, we received Vaylo. 

What do I mean by that? We chose Samuel. We knew (in our tiny, little human minds) that he would fit nicely into our active, busy lifestyle. He would surely have a blast at soccer practices and tournaments, he would enjoy Sunday School and all the playmates he'd have there. If God was asking us to take this journey and bring home a little boy with a little something "extra," then, Samuel filled the bill for our family. We knew we could handle him and he'd be a nice "fit" for us. We were right. He is and does fit well into our active lifestyle, exactly as we anticipated.

Vaylo was a gift from God to our family. We weren't looking on the "older" child page. We weren't looking for a 7 year old, who is non-verbal, doesn't walk, shows signs of autism, and lights up our whole entire world. We received Vaylo, because that's how you get a gift. We were willing to go where God said to go. I've shared with you before how I wanted to hit the door running when they first handed me Vaylo. I'm so thankful that God calmed my fears. He knew. 

We couldn't see it. This child wouldn't "fit" as easily, would he? Was it possible that he was just what we needed? The reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. The very child who would keep our hearts soft to the call of God. Eli recently commented on how when Vaylo smiles you HAVE to smile back. You really don't have a choice. What I think he understands in his 9 year old mind is that if Vaylo can smile through all life has handed him, then, really what does he have to be sad about. Our boy really does light up our world. 

So, what does life look like at three months home with our two newest sons? Surprisingly, it looks a lot the same as it did before. We're still doing most of the same things, we've always done. Our one exception is church. We've not quite figured out how to navigate church, but other than that, we're trucking along as usual. We've also added in quite a few doctors' visits, but it's not as bad as I expected. Honestly, we're almost finished with those and then, the boys will just be seen as needed, like Eli and Julie. Yes, things are harder to do with four kids than with two, but there is more JOY and laughter in our house than ever before, from the gift we anticipated and from the gift we received. 

Are your hands open to receive whatever gift God wants to send your way? Will you let Him delight your heart and light up your world with a gift fitly given? He knows the desires of your heart and how to fill the secret places. There are children who are waiting to stretch you, to broaden your horizons. Are they worth it? Well, we're heading back for another, so I'd say that speaks volumes on where we stand.

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,


  1. yup, i know........ you just can't smile back!!

  2. Love it!