Tuesday, August 14, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I posted a video of Vaylo in his borrowed Gait Trainer. It's a therapy tool, used to help children, who need to learn how to walk.

Some friends, immediately asked how much it would cost for him to have his own Gait Trainer. I told them around $800, but after doing some more research realized it would cost more like $1500. We all began to pray for God's divine provision for our boy. Meanwhile, the therapy center has allowed him to continue to use theirs.

Marty hasn't wanted him to rock the pink Gait Trainer in public, so we've mostly used it around the house or at our family farm. We've been praying about the expense of purchasing one, for what we hope will be the brief amount of time he needs it. Anyway, you all know where this story is heading, we had our But God moment this weekend. I was at an event with some friends, promoting Reece's Rainbow and another Mom said, "Do you still need a Gait Trainer?" Why, yes, we do. She just happens to have one in her storage building from when her daughter was younger and needed it.

I'm thinking...YAY, God! It's probably pink, but who am I to complain when God barrels his way through a $1500 mountain. Well, it gets better. It's not pink, it's green and tan. The family that's giving it to us, used to call it their daughter's John Deere. How's that for Divine Provision? More than we could ever dream of asking for. Our little man will have his very own "tractor" to ride on at the farm.

This Gait Trainer has been a wonderful thing for our little man. He can get all over the house in it and he does! I can't wait to show you pictures of him in his new John Deere, but for now, I think, he CAN rock the pink!

We're humbled as always by the way that God meets each need. We're humbled by the friends who pray for us and for the ones who allow God to use them to be the hands and feet of Jesus, again and again.

We love you!

Hidden in Christ,