Friday, June 17, 2011

Forever Family Friday

I look forward to FFF every week. I hope you do, too. I love that God allows me to share these children and their stories. What I don't love is that we need to have a Forever Family Friday post to begin with. I don't love that there are so very many children to choose from. I don't love that the list is unending and the need is great. You may think I waste my time with these posts, but these children are finding families! I don't know if any of them have found a family as a direct result of a post here, but I do know that the prayers of God's people are a powerful tool against the enemy! Prayer changes hearts and opens eyes and gives children a chance at forever.  

Here are some of the children from previous Forever Family Friday posts, who have families, now!


Pauline was my first Forever Family Friday post and her family is in country now meeting her! You can read about their journey and see new pictures of this beautiful girl with her forever family at their blog. 


There was much rejoicing in our home when sweet Nathaniel was chosen to be a son! His family blog is set up a little differently than this one. When you go their click on the Update link at the top to read the latest news on Nathaniel. This family is so motivated and moving quickly toward bringing Nathaniel home!


Okay, so Sterling was part of a post about the number one special need. I'd still love for you to check out his family's story and pray them through the process of bringing this sweet baby home.

From that same post Eddie and Tanner have also found families, these precious boys, who've waited and waited are finally chosen!

Sweet Lina was chosen this week!

Her family hasn't been "announced" yet, but I'll link you to them when they are! Rumor has it Lina's not coming home alone!

Lots of the children you've seen here on our blog are still waiting and since this is Forever Family Friday I will show you the child who is heavy on my heart this week.

Sweet Sasha...

There are no words for how my heart aches for this beautiful boy. I am storming Heaven on his behalf. He's waited long enough. At 6 years old, I'd say he's ready for a Mommy and Daddy. Will you join me in searching for them? Search your heart and your home and ask God if you are Sasha's family. Share Sasha's picture, share his profile, and pray, pray, then pray some more!

Believe me, there will be rejoicing here, when Sasha's forever family finds him!

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...

If you feel led leave these families an encouraging word or give a gift to help bring their little one home.

Hidden in Christ,

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