Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My heart aches for my boys...
Sweet Samuel, Mommy longs to hold you, to kiss your precious cheeks, to breath in your sweet scent, to know you. I can't imagine what these first three and a half years of your life have been like. Alone, orphaned, unwanted...it makes my heart ache...I see beauty. I can't wait to call you my own, orphan no more. You'll be our "baby." Our youngest son, treasured and cherished.

My heart aches...
Precious Joseph, happy, even now. My, too tiny, little man. Nothing about you looks six years old and yet, you are. You have lived six long years alone. You have adapted to your environment, out of a need to survive. My arms feel empty, without ever having held you, they feel empty without you. I know that you are going to bring so much JOY to our home. I see it in your smile and hear it in your giggle. Others look and see delay, I see a boy whose waiting on Mommy and Daddy to come and teach and love. You, my little man, are going to thrive and flourish and sparkle when you finally know our love. I can't wait.

My heart aches for these, my sons. My boys born on the other side of the ocean. They are waiting.

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something.

Hidden in Christ,

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