Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We're still here!

I'm trying to put thoughts to paper for all of you. I've been updating my facebook with pictures, everyday, but putting coherent thoughts into a blog post is just not happening. I'm tired, in the best kind of way. We've had a wonderful first 10 days home. We've played in the water, gone to the drive-in, played at the park and just been a family. It's been quite wonderful.

Let's see Joseph weighed 24 pounds on the day we landed in the USA and today, he's 26 pounds. I'd guess, he was around 22 pounds the day we picked him up from the orphanage. That's around 4 pounds in 2 weeks, from love and good food. I just got around to taking their heights, today. Joseph is 33 and 3/4 inches tall and Samuel is 34 and 1/2 inches tall, today. Samuel weighed 30 pounds 10 days ago and is holding steady at 30 pounds, today. He really doesn't need to put on any weight, as much as he needs to grow. He's a chunk!

Samuel is signing a long list of signs, probably over 20 signs, now. He's not using his signs to ask for anything, unless we prompt him, but I'm sure he will soon. He is also saying, "Mommy, Dada, ball, more, bird, cracker, eat" and a few others, that I can't recall, right now. He's been a little sad from time to time, but he was well loved and misses his "home." We're doing our best to love him through the grieving process and help him adjust to life in a family. He is a hand full and has become familiar with the time-out seat, already. We love him. Still can't believe he's ours.

Joseph is making such huge strides, I can't even believe how far he's come in two short weeks. He's holding our hands and walking us all over the house. They said he was lazy. I say, he was unloved. He knew and now, he knows better. He's smiling and laughing. His laughter lights up the room. He's learning table manners and we're doing all his feeding for him, for now. He needs to relearn to eat correctly. Honestly, we tried to give him the spoon, yesterday, and he wasn't even interested in doing it for himself. He takes a bottle and has high calorie formula mixed in his oatmeal for breakfast. He's a snuggler! He loves to be in his Moby wrap and gets excited when he sees me putting it on. It's truly amazing to witness this boy blossoming. He was sad and broken and God is restoring him.

I can't tell you how much we love these boys. It's hardwork. We forgot what it was like to change diapers, potty train, feed, etc. Two toddlers at once is a big deal and would exhaust anyone, but we are really loving every minute of it. It helps tremendously that the boys sleep all night in their own beds. I don't know how we'd manage without a good night's sleep.

Now, what you all came for...


Loving his wrap

He loves his Dad's big, red truck!

Playing Little People with Dad

Waiting on Eli to finish his breakfast, so we can play cars.

He's happy!

Playing in the dirt with my sister!

Snuggling with Mom!

Water fun! (and great exercise for Joseph's legs)

More water fun.

His favorite "toy." Daddy's shoe!

That's all for now. I have little one's to lay down for nap. I'm so thankful to be here in this moment with each of my kids. Don't take one minute for granted. They pass so quickly. I'm enjoying the hugs, kisses and laughter. I love being a Mom to these children. 

Please, don't miss a blessing. Love an orphan!

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,


  1. LOVE all the pictures! Your boys are soaking up every speck of love they can get and just radiating with it :)
    So happy for them and your family

  2. So beautiful! Thank you for this amazing update!

  3. Would like more information on the Moby wrap if you get a chance. This is us: http://melissa-roomatthetable.blogspot.com/

  4. I love following the adoptions to see the transformation from orphans living in institutionalized care to beloved children living in homes with real families of their own. I'm truly amazed at how few days it takes to see a real difference in the children. I can't wait for the chance to see a difference in our little one when we bring her home!