Friday, June 1, 2012

I thought...

I thought you needed week in, I have decided that God knew I needed you. I see your joy and your passion for life at a time when you should be a little sad and very confused. I see, in you, how much God loves me. The lesson here was for me.

I thought, I knew a little bit about God's love and his unending grace. I thought, I knew what it meant to be chosen, loved and cherished, not because it was my birthright, but because of Jesus' gift of grace. Then, there you were. I realized once again, that His love knows no bounds. It is deeper and wider and more full of grace and mercy than I can even begin to imagine. From the moment we say, "Yes," we belong to Him and nothing on earth or in Heaven could separate us from our Father's love. That's how I love each of you, today.

Thank you for the lesson, for continuing to teach your Mom about grace. For loving me, just because I showed up. I thought, I was coming for you, but it turns out, I came for me, for more to love, more to cherish, more to call my own, for as long as God allows. I don't know why God chose me for you, but I'm so thankful that He did.

I can't wait to watch you take this great adventure called life. I will cherish all the firsts and all the moments God gives us together. Forever has already begun and I can't imagine life without you...

I am truly blessed that God led our family here. My friend, Brooke, made me this collage and yes, "Motherhood requires love, not DNA." If you think, God is calling you here, please, don't hesitate. I promise the reward is worth ALL the effort, all the work, all the waiting.

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,


  1. Mandy, I love the pictures!!! It is so wonderful to see your boys in your arms! Praise the Lord for what He has done!

    One question, you mentioned that you used a carrier. What kind is it?

  2. What a beautiful, wonderful post!