Friday, June 22, 2012

He's a BIG star!

Samuel went to see the Pediatric Ophthalmologist, yesterday. I haven't been feeling great, but really wanted to be the one to take him. So, after our visit with the social worker, she wanted to come out and meet the boys and make sure we were all doing well. Samuel and I loaded up in the van and drove 45 minutes to the doctor.

If you've followed along on facebook, you're aware of how much fun Samuel is, especially in social settings. We joke and say that he is the star in his own reality TV show and the rest of us are just unaware of the cameras. I'll try to do a post covering all of his in country fiascoes, one day soon. Another thing about Samuel is we think he's a little (okay a lot) OCD. Everything needs to be in it's place and if you leave something out, he will shake his Bulgarian finger at you and throw you some serious Bulgarian attitude.

Imagine my embarrassment delight, yesterday, as we're sitting in a waiting room full of people and Samuel decides to chastise another adult. She was reading a magazine and the little postcard insert (to order more magazines) had fallen out and onto the floor. Now, I don't know if she didn't realize or if she was just planning to pick it up before she left. Well, it bugged Samuel. We were sitting in the floor playing cars and he saw it out of the corner of his eye and off he went.   Before, I even knew what was happening, he picked that card up, began to wave it in the lady's face and tell her some things that I'm grateful neither one of us could understand. Then, he marched it over to the shelf placed it where it "belonged" and looked back at the lady with a few more choice words and hand gestures to match. She was very gracious and explained that she was going to put it back when she was done reading. I just apologized and dragged my kid away. 

He also, reorganized the toys and cleaned up some trash. As we were heading back to see the doctor, he turned and waved to the room full of people and blew them all kisses. The doctor said, "Oh, he's made friends already." Sure, he has...they were all happy to see me take my special kind of "crazy" and leave the room, but don't tell Samuel. I'm sure those reality TV producers loved the footage they got, yesterday. All of this was before we went to shop for glasses next door. Samuel did great until he was done and then he threw all the glasses in the floor and we had a battle of the wills about who was going to pick them up. I won. 

As Marty and I laid down for bed last night, I recounted these events and more. He said, "Can you imagine? We almost missed this." No, I can't imagine and life will never be the same. It will be more entertaining and a lot more fun. His comment did make me many blessings have we turned our backs on over the years, because they were too hard, too inconvenient, or just too strange. How many things has God asked us to do that we simply refused and missed the harvest? From here on out, we're YES people. Whatever, God asks...

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,

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