Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Golf Tournament Update!

Our Golf Tournament is coming up, quickly. If you've never been to a golf tournament (I haven't), then, you may not have any idea how one works. Let me fill you in and tell you about how you can be involved, even from the other side of the country. How does a golf tournament raise funds? I'm so glad you asked. There are two ways.

First, (and most obvious way) golfers pay to participate. We're signing up 4 man teams and the cost to register a team is $160. We do have to give some of that registration fee to the golf course, but you get the idea. There's a registration form linked on the tab above. Or you can just click here and it will take you directly to the form. If you're local and want to play, all the details are there. Simply print the form and mail it to me or bring it the day of the event.

Second, businesses can sponsor a hole for $100. A hole sponsorship gets a business (or church) a sign placed at the hole. I'll also have a list of sponsors on the blog, shortly. I may even get crazy and add them to the facebook event. Some businesses sponsor one hole, some sponsor more. We keep the entire $100, minus the cost to print the sign, for our adoption. How's this sounding so far?

Well, you know, I couldn't leave it alone. This seemed like a great opportunity to advocate and help bring "K" home. This is the part where you come in, the part where God inspired an idea for a third way to make our event successful. For $50 you can sponsor a hole! What will your sign say? I'm hoping that you'll hop on over to Reece's Rainbow and choose a child or family whose name you'd like to have on your sign. Not only will the child or family of your choice go on the sign, but I'll add a picture and the web address to their grants. Oh, and did I mention that $20 from each $50 given will go to the child or family grant, you choose. Everyone wins.

Obviously, the people participating in the Golf Tournament have a heart for orphans. What better group to have the child or family you're advocating for in front of? How do you give your $50? I'm asking you to use the chipin on the right hand side of the blog. Make sure you leave me a note with the name of the child/family you are sponsoring a sign for. The chipin is not tax-deductible and goes directly to our paypal. I'll need to pay for the signs and pictures, so need access to the funds.

Thanks for helping bring our girl home and for helping advocate for waiting children.

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,


  1. Are you going to have t shirts printed? You could get sponsors for the t shirts as well!! Freedom Prints can do a great deal, they did our Team Sam shirts and Chandres' Team Viktory shirts.

  2. Good idea Traci I need another Rhodes family tshirt!