Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back to Reality

Vacation was wonderful, refreshing, restful. Yes, restful, even with 4 children, along. We're so blessed to have great kids. I know, you all are here for the pictures, so I'll let you enjoy them. Then, it's back to reality. Waiting children, fundraising, advocating...that's where I'm heading. I hope you're coming with me!

A family picture, not because it's great, but because we're family!

The parade is magical and they love it!

Vaylo loved Eric and Julie loved Ariel! They were great with the kids and even asked to hold Vaylo.

The rides were great!

Vaylo riding Dumbo with Daddy.

Disney was great. We ended up only doing two days in the parks, because we really loved our resort. Swimming was everyone's favorite part of the week...

Samuel loves to be thrown in!

I love this boy!

His two favorite things, Daddy and Water. What more could a boy want?

We are so blessed to have this time and these memories. We're anxiously awaiting the day when our family of 6, becomes a family of 7. It's hard to explain, but at random times, during our vacation, we'd look at each other and say that we missed "K." I know, she's never been here, but we love her and we're sad that she's missing this time. I know, God has a plan and His timing is always right, trying to rest in that, as we wait for our girl. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our whole family, but mostly of our boys. This is redemption. Not only are they not orphans anymore, but they are sons with all the rights and privileges that come along with that title. No longer just existing, but living life to the fullest! So thankful for the wide open spaces of grace that God allows us.

Hidden in Christ,

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