Wednesday, December 28, 2011

She's waited long enough...

I have looked at this little girl's picture again and again. I've read her story. How in a country where children with extra chromosomes are shut away and deemed less worthy, Kate has found a place. She is so amazing that even people taught to believe she is less worthy have seen value in her life.

What does Kate still need, though? A Mom and a Dad. It's quite simple. She's an orphan. No matter how you look at Kate's circumstances they are less than ideal, because no child should have to grow up without parents. I happen to think this one is pretty spectacular. She is funny, loving, smart and waiting to be loved. She is beautiful.

 Today is Kate's 8th birthday. 8 years this precious Christmas baby has waited to be chosen. I'm praying that this will be Kate's last birthday without a family. Her last birthday as an orphan. Will you please share her story? Here's her profile on Reece's Rainbow, where you can learn more about her: Kate

I am resolving to do more for the orphans this year. Will you join me? Let's give more, pray more, advocate more and maybe even adopt a couple of our own in 2012. What do you think? You have a place in orphan care. Will you do what you can to find out what that place is and then walk in obedience?

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something.

Hidden in Christ,

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  1. We're praying for sweet Kate too. Praying she gets a family of her own this year.