Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Newest Battle

This one may just do me in, ya'll! Our newest battle is trying to keep Samuel's new glasses on his face! So, I won't make you wait, I know, why you come here...

Yes, he is cute, but he's also very rotten and opinionated. Unfortunately, our opinions currently differ on whether he should wear these glasses. We've had them since Saturday evening. He takes them off and goes to time-out. Wash, rinse, repeat...ugh!

Yesterday, I made the grave mistake of combining the two things Samuel dislikes the most in all the world. His carseat and his glasses. 20 minutes into our ride home from gymnastics, I look back and see Samuel with something in his mouth. What could that be? Oh my, he's popped the lens out of his glasses and is biting on it. I hold my hand out and say, "Give it to me." No go. Not going to happen. He hides the lens behind his head. Well, this is no Rookie Mom you're dealing with Samuel, so I pull the car over, retrieve the lens, restore the glasses back to semi-working order (the lens is pretty scratched) and put them back on. Start back down the road and spend most of the next 10 minutes saying, "Don't touch your glasses." Ugh.

Get home and have to make the phone call of shame to the vision center. Yes, I know, we've only had them for 48 hours. Yes, I know, they're kid proof. Yes, they are scratched already, because I let my kid try to eat them. Yes, please do call me when his new lenses are in. Honestly, the lady on the phone thought it was quite funny. I think, they'll be seeing a lot of us. Thank God for nap time.

After nap, Samuel went downstairs to play in the playroom. After a few minutes, his sister says, "Mom, I can't find his glasses." Head downstairs, tear the playroom apart looking for the glasses. Repeatedly ask Samuel, "Where are your glasses?" He knew what I wanted and where he put them, but he was NOT telling me.

Finally, I gave up and said to my big kids, "If you can find his glasses, I'll give you a dollar." Sure enough, less than 2 minutes later, Eli had opened the seat of Samuel's ride-on (the only place I didn't look) and I'm a dollar poorer and still fighting the good fight. I'd like to say we're having a more successful day, today. However, it's only 8:00 am and Samuel has set two time-outs for taking his glasses off and throwing them in the floor. Fun times, ya'll, fun times.

Just so you know, I will win this battle, even if my boy is as rotten as he is cute.

Hidden in Christ,


  1. Mary Stolz Here....for your own sanity, (and his) try to "ease" into it. Set a goal of wearing them XXX min or hours of the day. Start low, and grow fast. Reward for compliance in addition to time out for removal. Show him that he only has XXX min left in THIS session today to wear them, then he gets a break. Soon he will learn that he sees better with them than without them, but now he is challenging your authority and having a blast doing it. Smaller time frames are much easier for you to win!

  2. Been there done that. Had to patch for a lazy eye too and it was not fun.

    We tried so many things. One that worked pretty well was to put something on TV they really liked - the Sprout channel has 24-7 cartoons for little children or pop in a movie, what ever they like- get something they love to watch. (I was going to be a mom that seldom allowed TV too- that went out the window quick)

    Then the rule is you can only watch TV if the glasses are on. As soon as they take them off the TV goes off until the glasses go back on.

    For the car rides and away from the TV time- I got freezy pops. I would tell her if you keep them on until we get home you can have a freezy pop.

    Samll toys wrapped up on top of the fridge- if you waer your glasses all day long you can get your present at the end of the day.

    It was tough but she did wear her glasses and her patch and it saved her eye sight.

    The other best thing we did was buy several pairs (around 6) from Zenni optical off the internet using the eye glass prescription. They are arouind $9 a pair (a bit more for the super strength lenses we needed -but not much) and $4 shipping for everything. They will do sunglasses too.

    Once I got a load of glasses it stopped a lot of fights over where the glasses were.

  3. Hey Mandy, Sounds like things are going just perfectly normal!! :) The boys are precious. Can't wait to see you all!