Friday, May 25, 2012

A Tale of Two Boys...

Today was "Gotcha Day" for Joseph and Samuel. We left the hotel around 7 am and headed for Joseph's orphanage. His was furthest away and so, we picked him up first. It is a Bulgarian Holiday, today. The Bulgarians have a lot of Holidays, just ask anyone who's trying to adopt from here and they'll tell you. So, first up Joseph.

We arrived at Joseph's orphanage around 11:30 and no one was there to greet us. We did some hunting and our translator, Dani, went and found a worker. Then, we all went to Joseph's building. I handed over his clothes to a worker and she sent us back to wait in the little waiting room while she dressed him. A few minutes later, she brings Joseph in and hands him over. We signed a paper, took some photos of another child for a listing and that was that. No one came to say goodbye, no one was sad to see him go. 7 years he'd lived there. 7 years and on his last day, no one came...

(I think, he was worth showing up for)

Two hours later, we pulled into Samuel's orphanage and saw a lady in the distance carrying a little boy. I said, "That's my boy." I hopped out and took him as she headed toward me. She was clearly upset and had been saying her goodbyes to my sweet boy. She was his favorite teacher. She loved him and cared for him, in a way that made today easier for him.

Once the news got out that we were there, it was like the floodgates opened...workers came pouring out for one last hug and a very tearful goodbye. They loved him. Really and truly loved him. They were sad to see him leave, but so thankful he has a family. You cannot imagine the gratitude I have in my heart for these precious women. Women, who are looking beyond what their society believes and choosing to love anyway.

What could life have been like for another little boy had he known such love? God did a miraculous thing, today. He allowed us to see, for just a few short minutes, what just one of these women could have meant in Joseph's life. I had to go inside and sign paperwork, get pictures and videos of Samuel, plus his bag of gifts from the workers. While I was inside. Samuel's favorite teacher decided to love on his brother for a few minutes. Here's what happened...

Today, I saw what was for one son and what could have been for another. I have learned so many lessons on this journey, but today, a Bulgarian Teacher taught me a lesson about living every minute in the moment. She was hurting, but she saw Joseph. She saw him and she set aside her own pain and loved him. She chose to be Jesus to my sweet, hurting boy. For just a moment, we caught a glimpse of Heaven as she chose to put on LOVE.

It was a remarkable day, full of firsts, but mostly full of grace. I'm forever changed by being chosen to parent these boys. These boys, who had two very different starts to life, but who have a loving God, who is writing their story to the end.

Today was harvest time and we're so blessed by the harvest. Please, if God is leading you down this path, don't hesitate. Jump in. The reward is amazing. I get to be their MOM forever! It doesn't get much better than this.

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,


  1. Beautiful! So wonderful to see the way the teachers/ nanny's were choosing to love. And so glad that your boys are with you forever!

  2. i am all choked up with tears reading this! how wonderful you have them and what a beautiful moment! xxxxx

  3. As we get ready to go to meet/and bring home Sydney and Lucien from their orphanages I wonder what will greet us. Like your boys, Sydney and Lucien are in different orphanages. Is one being loved on while the other not? So many questions fill my head. Through the tears I shed while reading your post, it also filled me with hope, that prayerfully, Sydney and Lucien also has someone in their orphanage that cares for them as much as the teacher cared for your son.

  4. I have cried so many happy and joyous tears today! Can't wait for yall to be home and altogehter...and to finally meet the boys in person!

  5. Also in puddles over your sad that no one came to say goodbye to Joseph, but so blessed by Samuel's teacher. And most of all, so happy that they're both OUT of the orphanages and with you. <3

  6. I'm so happy to see that you have your new sons. What a blessing to begin a new life as a family!

  7. Thanks for sharing that....crying here :)
    So happy you have your boys and that now BOTH will be truly loved for the rest of their lives.

    the Adamson family

  8. They are both sooooooo worth showing up for!! I am so filled with joy to know that you have those boys with you now....I have prayed and waited for this day right along with you. Your family is such a blessing to us and we love you so much. We can't wait to see you all!!

  9. Crying my eyes out! But also thanking our amazing God for this amazing new life he has given your boys! Thanks for all the pics and updates. XOXO

  10. Beauty and ashes, tears and reformation! Thanks the Lord!

  11. Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing.

  12. yep....totally worth showing up for. Praise the Lord!!!!