Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rogers Family Giveaway Winners!!

Sorry for the wait on the winners! Thanks to everyone who's given and shared! All total, I believe about $500 was raised during this giveaway!

Our winners will be receive a message from me this evening, with directions on how to claim their prizes!

Prize #1 Kindle: Debbie G
Prize #2 Vera Bradley Purse: Christina S.
Prize #3 Lala loopsy doll: Debbie G
Prize #4 $50 Visa Gift Card: Brooke K.
Prize #5 Outlet Covers: Christine S. (different winner than prize #2)
Prize #6 Pink Mobile: Kimberly B
Prize #7 Body Marinade Gift Set: Tonya B.
Prize #8 Thirty-one Purse: Maureen G
Prize #9 Longberger basket and Mary Kay Gift set: Debbie G
Prize #10 5 bottle cap necklaces: Virginia W
Prize #11 Scentsy Warmer: Rebecca H
Prize #12 Afghan: Michael R

Congratulations to our winners! You should have an message from me tonight!

Thank you to each one who gave, shared, and prayed for the success of this Giveaway!


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