Thursday, February 23, 2012

ONE Family

Well, Bernadette would like the attention back on her and who can blame her? I'm am praising God this morning at the many miracles He is accomplishing! Bernadette's grant took a HUGE jump this morning!

She's at $5,400!!! Do you remember where she was on Saturday? $372.30. How GREAT is our GOD?

He is MIGHTY to save and He loves the fatherless! Is this sweet girl your daughter? I don't believe we've come this far to allow her to end up in an institution. We need to HOLLER louder, ya'll! She's not had ANYONE inquire, yet?

Let's keep sharing and praying, it only takes ONE family to save Bernadette. She doesn't need 100 inquiries, just ONE! Just ONE Mama and Papa ready to be "water-walkers." Just ONE Mama and Papa ready to step out of the boat and lock eyes with Jesus and never waiver in their mission to bring her home. ONE family called to be her family!

Are you the ONE? Will you consider being the ONE? God is moving mountains for Bernadette and we're praising Him for it!

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...Do Something!

Hidden in Christ,


  1. Just FYI - We did donate to our Sunshine girl!!

    1. I knew you had. I read it on your blog or facebook or somewhere. You're on my list :)

  2. I'm sure whoever made the large donation reads your blog and can I just tell them, God Bless You! I'm sure it was a sacrifice of funds you wanted to use for something around the house, your child's college savings plan, to think about upgrading to a new car, etc.. Instead you gave to Bernadette - a gift that will change her life. THANK YOU!

    I have made large contributions to children in the past and it feels so good! I know the contributor has a big smile on their face today.

  3. I just gave $10 to Bernadette.

  4. That's what I was thinking yesterday...just one family, that's all it takes. Praying for the ONE!

  5. I gave the other day to Bernadette, am I on your list?

    WOW...I cannot wait for the ONE family to step forward.

    Stephanie Lynch

    1. You are on my list, Stephanie :)