Thursday, February 16, 2012

Doctor Details

So many things on my heart this morning. I'm going to tell you about our day, yesterday, and then I will probably have another post before the day is over. First I must tell of God's goodness and faithfulness to our family, once again. He is truly concerned with every detail of our lives.

About the time we came home from our first trip, I began to think about a pediatrician for our boys. Eli and Julie are very healthy and normally, only see a doctor once, maybe twice a year. We live in a small town and don't have a lot of choices when it comes to doctors. I knew our boys (especially Joseph) were going to need someone experienced. I prayed. I asked God to please show me who to take these precious gifts to for medical care. During our homestudy classes I met a wonderful couple who had brought their son home from Haiti. Mom had met him while doing medical missions work and had sent me a friend request on facebook. Sondra is a NICU nurse and I just felt like God was leading me to ask her for a recommendation, so I messaged her and she made one.

Sondra recommended the doctor who was with her on the medical missions trip to Haiti when she met her son. He has done an excellent job of caring for Sondra's boy, since they've been home and she felt like he'd be a good fit. I called about a month ago and asked for a consultation and that's where Marty and I found ourselves, yesterday. In a consultation room, where we waited to meet Dr. S. for the first time. His degrees were hanging on the wall and Marty was happy to see that he started his career in service to his country. His initial training was received while he served in the US Navy. He went on to receive many other degrees. Very educated and well-trained on paper.

Then, the door opens and in comes a kind face, with a friendly smile and hands full of material on Down Syndrome. What my friend, Sondra, may or may not have known is that Dr. S. loves people with Down Syndrome. He shared how until recently he had set on the board of the local Down Syndrome Society. He didn't have to read notes or look things up. He gave us names and phone numbers of local people who would be so helpful to us on this journey. He talked about how early on in his medical career he had a Mom with a little girl who had down syndrome. He said he learned so much from them and that he continues to learn. He also, sees lots of internationally adopted children.

I could go on and on, but I won't bore you with the details. Let's just say we have never been more impressed with a doctor. He is intelligent and humble at the same time. He is going to be a good fit for our boys and warned us to "pack a bag" for our first few visits, because we'll be there for awhile. He read over the boys' reports and began to form a plan of action. God wants to be involved in every detail of our lives. We simply have to surrender to Him.

I want to say, too, that I am so grateful for the Mom who went before us and helped teach a young doctor. We are reaping the benefit of the seed she planted. That first Mom was an advocate for her daughter, willing to work alongside a young doctor and learn together the best ways to care for her daughter.

Give it to God. Whatever "it" is. He wants to help. He's faithful in every detail. He loves us all the same.

Pray, Adopt, Advocate, Support...

Hidden in Christ,

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